“I have been so genuinely happy.  You helped change my life.  I have an overall happy feeling now.  The regular nightmares have stopped.  I feel like a weight has been taken off.  I have a sense of peace, and an excited feeling for the future.”


-K.P.,  Tacoma, WA

“After the PSYCH-K relationship balance with my daughter, every conversation since then has been sweet, loving, and the two of us laugh together now like we have never laughed before.”

-B.R., Bellevue, WA

My relationship with my mother changed after the relationship balancing. Not only did I have a relaxing, peaceful family holiday with her, free from the trepidation and anxiety that had been building prior to our PSYCH-K work, but also, ever since then, I have found that being patient towards her is always my first inclination and comes very easily. I used to struggle with myself during frustrating interactions with her, and now I just accept her fully as she is in each moment, and our relationship is more loving & healthier than ever.

-K.K., Seattle, WA

“My friend and I went for a hike the day after you worked with me.  He was so more open to me, opening his heart.  It felt so different, open to me in a different way.  He was just there with me.  All resistance was gone.  There was much more ease.”

-F.W., Bothell, WA

“After our work on the relationship with my boss, the very next day he comes up to my desk, with a smile on his face, and says, “Hey, how’s your dog doing?  Does she like the snow?”  Now, he has never done that, and he has never asked about my dog, which I have had for three years.  He has been smiling, which he never does.  It took me so off guard.  And now, after I have complained about the room I am in forever, he asks me “Is the back room OK for you?”  This change has been consistent now for weeks.  Our relationship is friendly and easy.  He is like a different person.  You are definitely onto something.”

-P.B., Kenmore, WA

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“At the hearing [court], I was going to go a different direction, but the words came in what to say.  I know what you did helped.  I felt comfortable, was not intimidated or nervous.  I felt more calm during the time leading up to the hearing.  I felt like it would be OK, even though I was not fully prepared.  I know that it helped.  Even now, I feel like I am up to the task and I know what my next step will be.  I responded from a position of strength.  Normally I would not have said anything, not responded to what was said, maybe send an email after the fact.  To get the impulse to respond, and to also feel that my words were guided, was completely unusual for me.”

-D.H., Auburn, WA

“I waited a bit before I wrote to you.  The day after our session together, my daughter asked if she could sleep with me, which is a sweet thing.  About a year and a half ago, we both said she could sleep with me once a month.  For about half a year she never asked to sleep with me, so it was nice, she slept with me.  The night before last she wanted me to rub her back when she went to bed, so I did.  She hasn’t wanted anything like that for a long time.  The distancing in our relationship has passed.”

-K.C., Portland, OR

"My get-together with family went well, and again I met with my brother and sister to discuss a family issue.  It went well - I expressed how I felt and listened to everyone.  Thank you for the work with PSYCH-K.  I feel there is real relief in store for us.  I can feel the dropped stitches of our lives are getting picked up and worked back into the whole."

-K.M., Tacoma, WA

“PSYCH-K has opened new doors to freedom for me.  Where previously I had felt physical reactions when in the presence of people who had hurt me, (i.e. heart rate increased, agitation, fear, anger and apprehension), suddenly I noticed those physiological reactions were no longer there when in their presence.  And there was no apprehension prior to impending visits with them.  I even experienced a feeling of calmness in their company . I laughed after the “visit.””

-S.F.,   Kirkland, WA

“For my boyfriend and I, the change that has happened is undeniable.  I feel a peace and lightness in myself and between my boyfriend and I that is just amazing. He feels it too. It really does seem like some sort of 'quantum leap' has happened.  My boyfriend and I have been on a path toward growth and higher consciousness for awhile now, but I feel your work has been a catalyst to take things to 'the next level.'”

-D.P.,   Lynnwood, WA

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